Advantages and Benefits of Hand-Knotted Woolen Carpets

Hand-Knotted Woolen Carpets

There are many advantages and benefits of a Hand-Knotted woolen carpets having in your home. As carpets are known for their excellent craftsmanship and durability. Available in great designs and vivid colors, you can easily decorate your home or work area. Woolen carpet provides us warmth and comfort and is ideal for a living room, bedroom, dining area, office space, etc.

There are many advantages of buying Hand-Knotted woolen carpets, let’s look at some:


The Durability of the product makes it cost-effective; a good quality woolen carpet can last 5 - 60 years. It all depends on how a person uses it. A Hand Knotted woolen carpet usually takes around 1 - 4 months to weave. It is made by tying the knot into the vertical thread. A standard size carpet consists of thousands of knots. The price of the carpet depends on size, design, and quality. It can be quite expensive but, it’s a valuable investment.

Soft and Comfort

Silk carpets are known for their comfort and texture but, good quality wool can also give the same result to the carpet. It all depends on the gradient and type of wool used. Woolen carpets are very versatile, they can be used in high as well as low traffic areas.

Easy to Maintain

Hand-knotted carpets are easy to clean and maintain. There are always cases of food or wine spill, just take a damp cloth and wipe the affected area. In case of stains use vinegar or alcohol-based solution and dab the affected area, and make sure that the solutions are diluted or it can cause color bleeding. You can also get your carpet cleaned by professional cleaners to maintain their durability.

Suitable for High-Traffic Area

Woolen carpets are suitable for high traffic areas, woolen carpets are also used in hotels and restaurants that have high traffic for hours. Even at your home, you can use woolen carpet in your living area or your bedroom. Silk carpets are also good but, they are recommended for low traffic areas.

Design and beauty

One of the main reasons for buying woolen carpets is because of their elegant designs and spectacular beauty. Having it will add a style to your home, office, or any other area. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and will give your home a perfect look.

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