How To Remove Furniture Dents From Carpets

A high-quality carpet is always a central element in the interior, especially when it comes to expensive models made of natural materials with a long pile. Whatever your carpet is, you need to provide it with high-quality and timely care, maintain its appearance, which can get dirty, and also lose its shape.

If you want to place furniture with wide metal legs on such a covering, then it will undoubtedly leave impressive marks. It will be challenging to eliminate them in the future. The dents will be less noticeable, and the pile will be less damaged.

Is it possible to remove furniture dents on the carpet?

Yes, it is possible, there are several ways to remove traces from household items on carpet.

The easiest way is with ice

To do this, you need to place an ice cube on the dent (for significant defects, you need to use several cubes) and wait until it melts.

By absorbing moisture, the pile will begin to recover gradually. If it hasn't fully risen, use a fork or other object to "fluff it up".

It is easy to remove a dent using an iron that has a steamer

You need to direct the steam from the iron to the desired area.

The distance should be short, but not touching the carpet. After a few minutes of steaming, gently lift the pile threads with the help of available tools.

Using a hairdryer and water, you can also quickly fix the problem

Spray the liquid onto the damaged surface with a spray, then, "fluffing" the pile with your fingers, dry it with a hairdryer.

To eliminate the mark, turn the carpet over the wrong side, then put the same furniture in the place where there is a dent.

This method has a time limit: the product can be left in this position for no more than two hours. The latter method is also quite simple: you can use both water and ice cubes.

Put ice or spill some liquid on the damaged area, wait five minutes. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to pull the pile upward.


  • Before applying each of the methods on a visible area of ​​the carpet, test them in the "blind spot";
  • Do not use these methods on antique, valuable, delicate, hand-painted carpets, or carpets that cannot be cleaned with water.

What the experts advise

In most cases, carpets occupy a central place in the interior of premises, which means they are subject to increased operational loads and the risk of contamination. Besides, their very structure contributes to the accumulation of dust, which must be removed promptly.

The best way to prolong the life of your carpet is to follow these tips:

  • mechanical wear usually occurs in certain places, to slow it down, rotate the carpet around an axis once a week or two. Suitable for products with a regular geometric shape, monochromatic, or with symmetrical ornaments and patterns;
  • do not move heavy furniture along the pile; when installing it, use special pads for the legs or frame;
  • when transporting and storing carpets, be sure to use a moth repellent;
  • most carpets do not tolerate prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, so keep them away.
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